Thinning, harvesting and dealing with your excess fruit.

While it is tempting to leave clusters of forming fruitlets on your tree, thinning or removing some of them helps the tree to direct its energy into producing top quality fruit.


Harvesting is the time for joy, having friends and family around to share in the successes and lessons of the tree’s yearly cycle. It is time to think about preserving your harvest, stewing, poaching, jamming, drying – the avenues are as endless as your imagination.


If it gets all too much and you can’t bear the sight of another plum this season with your freezer and pantry bulging with excessive winter stores, have no fear!


We can help you with donating your leftover crop to the Darebin Fruit Squad where the team at DIVRS will ensure people who need it are given access to healthy fresh locally grown food.

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