The Fruit Tree Folk | Caring for urban fruit trees
The Fruit Tree Folk provide specialist advice, complete management and care for fruit trees in private and community gardens.
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Are your fruit trees overgrown?

Fruit trees can get too big for their environment or purpose, blocking light, encroaching on other trees, buildings, paths – even the washing line!

Our qualified consulting arborists specialise in providing pruning plans to help manage your larger trees while retaining aesthetic and production capabilities.

Are your trees bearing fruit?

Do your trees produce lots of small fruit, or fruit drops before ripening? Or is your tree flowering but doesn’t produce fruit? Or all of the above?

Give us a call to arrange a free assessment today!

Are you wanting to maintain the established fruit trees on your new property?

We can inspect your tree assets, perform pruning, feed, check and install irrigation.

Get in touch with us to develop a tree care plan to suit your wallet and needs.

Looking for annual tree maintenance?

Do you feel your gardener is not treating your fruit trees with the knowledge, respect and care they deserve?

Talk to us about an annual tree care plan.

Want to learn how to prune your own trees?

We believe anyone can learn to prune their own trees just like everyone has the capacity to learn to sing.

We provide information and pruning workshops through our involvement with a number of local community groups. Find out more.

Do you want to remove trees from your property?

We remove dead or unwanted trees, and can provide advice for suitable replacements.

Contact us to dig the holes and plant the new trees for you!

Call us on 0425 7227 63 for a free quote on tailored care for your fruit tree.