Fact Sheet: Apples


Common Name: Apple

Botanical name: Malus domestica


Deciduous large tree that offers good ornamental summer sun protection and winter form, can be trained into any form to suit any back yard.


A highly-cultivated genus in the Rosaceae family which includes Pears, Quinces and Stone fruit. Originating in central Asia from the crab apple.


Jonathon, Granny Smith, and Golden delicious are common in Melbourne backyards.


  • Full sun, protection from extreme afternoon summer heat
  • Animal manure (potassium/potash)

Doesn’t like 

  • Warm winter

Flowers in

  • Middle to late spring

Fruits in

  • January – June



Bare rooted in winter.


Most are self-fertile, Jonathon’s pollinate mostly alone. A few (Gravenstein etc.) require a pollinator companion.


Responds well to most shapes and ideas. Thin fruitlets to avoid biennial fruiting and to promote size and quality. Apples fruit mostly on spurs with some also fruiting on short two year old side growth (e.g.: Granny Smith).

Disease and pest management

Codling moth (i.e. banding of trunk with insect tape, or honey traps), aphids, mites, possums and birds. Keep open to light and air movement.


During flowering and fruit set and as fruit ripen.


Autumn and spring.


Late January – June, when easily removed with a gentle twist.

Apple table